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How to Charter a Boat

The How to Charter a Boat Series

The Wally FT - Image courtesy of Wally // Sail
How to Charter a Boat – The Wally FT – Image courtesy of Wally // Sail

How to Charter a Boat!


Congratulations! You’re on your way to one of the BEST adventures you will ever have in your life!

We’ve taken some time and spoken to many experts to bring you a collection of Tips and Tricks on “How to Charter a Boat.”  We’ve spoken to Bareboat Charter Experts as well as the Crewed Charter Companies.

The focus for this series is on “Boats” which we would categorize as anything UNDER 80′ or roughly 25 meters. When you are chartering a Yacht (Over 80 feet or > 25 Meters) the game changes.

These tips and tricks apply no matter where in the world you intend to Charter.  It doesn’t matter if you are interested in the Caribbean or Washington, North Carolina.  Hey – let’s face it…  It’s “five o’clock somewhere.”  (Thanks Jimmy Buffett)

Now…  I have to warn you…  Once you start chartering, it’s hard to stop!  There’s just too many wonderful memories and too many amazing places to visit.

Of course, we’d love to hear from some of your adventures.  Please share your story with All At Sea!  Send us your Images and send us the story of YOUR charter adventure.  Please help others learn how to charter a boat.

How to Charter a Boat – TIPS and TRICKS 

What to Charter?  Power OR Sail?  Monohull OR Catamaran?

Chartering WithOUT Blowing the Budget

Where to Charter a Boat to St. Somewhere

What to Take on a Charter Boat

Set Your Expectations to “Go With the Flow”

FIVE Tips for a SAFER Charter Vacation


Comments and Questions are always appreciated!  We’ll be looking for new ideas to bring to you!


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