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How to Buy a Boat

How to Buy a Boat - Image of Dave McCall from Maritime Yacht Sales on St Thomas
How to Buy a Boat – Image of Dave McCall from Maritime Yacht Sales on St Thomas

How to Buy a Boat Tutorial

Tips and Tricks for Buying a Boat

Congratulations! You’ve decided to buy your own boat but do you know how to buy a boat? No more ‘Other People’s Boat Club’. No more watching boats from the beach and knowing that the people on the water are having more fun than you. You are ready to take charge of your leisure time … to experience the freedom that boat ownership brings. Lots of people own boats – it can’t be that difficult to turn a boat-owning fantasy into reality, can it?

Well … yes and no. Owning a boat is great fun. You can fish, sail, race, or just hang out with friends. You can day-trip to the closest bay or spend several days on neighboring islands. Tinkering with a boat can be an interesting hobby – it’s a great way to meet new people (who will wander over and tell you what you’re doing wrong), spend time outdoors (getting sunburned while cursing at machinery), and use up any spare cash you have laying around.

You can, of course, just run out and buy the first boat you see. However, it would be prudent to investigate the process before you buy to really learn how to buy a boat and do it right. This “How to Buy a Boat” series will provide you with some guidance, advice from experts, and places to find information about many aspects of buying a boat – some that you might not have thought about. Armed with knowledge, you will find a boat that you can afford and that is right for you.

J. Summer Westman took an in-depth study into How To Buy a Boat. I think it is a tour that each of us in the Marine Industry needs a refresher every now and then – especially before you buy or sell your next boat. These same lessons are valuable for sail boats or power boats.

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