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Hirst Wins STYC’s IC24 November 2005 Regatta

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Practice makes perfect. Just ask the BVI’s
Robby Hirst. “We sail every week,” says Hirst. It’s no wonder then that Hirst
and his team sailed to an easy victory in the St. Thomas Yacht Club’s 2005
IC24 Regatta, sailed November 19-20. “I love the venue here. Smooth water
and this weekend, we had about 10 knots of breeze with a few shifts and gusts.
It was ideal,” adds Hirst.

teams representing both the US
and British Virgin Islands took to the start
line just after noon on the first day of racing when winds finally blew 6 to 8
knots. Racing proved razor sharp with four different boats earning a first
place finish over the afternoon’s seven races.

blew 10 to 15 knots for the second day of racing, which added to the excitement
on the water. The BVI’s Hirst
appeared undefeatable by his point spread on the scoreboard that paced him way
out in front of the pack. On the water, his prowess showed in clean starts,
excellent boat speed and savvy tactics. Yet, an over-early situation did keep Hirst’s finely oiled team on their toes until their
fleet win was assured.

The BVI’s Plaxton, having lost
a protest the first day and racked up a DSQ, sailed clean races and placed no
lower than a fourth place to firmly land in the second place slot.

Meanwhile, the race for third place was a tightly contested battle
between three St. Thomas
skippers – Chris Rosenberg,
Doug McLean and teenager Taylor Canfield. Ultimately, in the last race, both
McLean and Canfield were called over early, leaving
Rosenberg to doubly shore up this spot with a
first place finish.

growing fleets of IC24s in the USVI, BVI and now Puerto
Rico, class initiator Chris Rosenberg
comments, “We finally succeeded in really getting the class established.
In 2007, when we host the IC24 Worlds, we want to have 40 boats on the start



1. Robby Hirst, BVI (24)

2. Mark Plaxton, BVI (41)

3. Chris Rosenberg,
USVI (53)

4. Andrew Waters, BVI (62)

5. Mark Schweigman, USVI (64)

6. Doug McLean, USVI (66)

7. Carlos Aguilar, USVI (72)

8. John Holmberg, USVI (73)

9. Philip Shannon, USVI (81)

10. Mike Masters, BVI (82)

11. Geoff Miles, USVI (89)

12. Mike Williams, USVI (107)

13. Bruce Merced, USVI (118)

14. Jackson Roberts, USVI (146)

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Carol M. Bareuther, RD, is a St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands based marine writer and registered dietitian.


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