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Cruising Rallies Ho!

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Crew of Club Carp. Credit: Jeffrey Carpenter
Crew of Club Carp. Credit: Jeffrey Carpenter
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Provisioning. “Prepare ahead because you likely won’t be able to cook full meals on a heeling boat while underway,” says Carpenter.

Worrall adds, “To have hot meals every night, pre-cook individual dishes and freeze. Pack in dry ice on the boat, then thaw and heat.”

Safety & Boating Experience. “I took the ARC Ocean Sailing seminar this spring and I completed the ARC DelMarVa in June. That really helped to prepare both mentally and physically.”

“Finding good crew is important,” adds Carpenter. “It’s not about bodies, but bodies with offshore sailing experience.”

Catching dinner. Credit: Jeffrey Carpenter
Catching dinner. Credit: Jeffrey Carpenter

Prior experience for the skipper and crew such as sailing at night in rough weather, for example, 30 knot winds and 12-foot seas for several days, is also helpful, says Worrall.

Final Words of Advice? “Sailing as part of a rally is a great experience and fun in a way you would not expect, but it’s tough,” offers Worrall. “Only go if you are prepared physically, mentally, technically and financially. It can be Hell, literally, if you are not fully prepared.”

For more information, visit the websites of the ARC Caribbean 1500 www.worldcruising.com/Carib1500/event.aspx and Salty Dawg Rally saltydawgrally.org


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