The Carriacou Children's Education Fund continues this year with an additional set of scholarships: Coatney Charles and Deon Crompton from Bishops College and Curtrim McGillivary and Jillean Scott from Hillsborough Secondary School.

Throughout the year, the CCEF offers free wireless internet (WiFi) in Tyrrel Bay in return for donations, and sailors can drop off items for the auction in July.

Breezy clothing adorned with a child's view of scampering geckos, jovial sea creatures or careening island buses are trademark images of this small company based in Carriacou called Fidel Productions.

Visitors to Carriacou can learn the history of local boatbuilding from a sign at the roadside or stroll along the beach of Watering Bay and see it first hand.

For artist Georgie Tuson, the route to her slice of heaven was anything but direct and certainly not simple.

This is the ninth consecutive year the Carriacou Children’s Education Fund (CCEF) has been an integral part of the Carriacou Regatta activities.

This month, we honour the Carriacou Regatta Committee. Celebrating its 40th anniversary, the Carriacou Regatta wrapped up on August 1.

At the time it was quite normal to sink any boat (which didn't have an engine) when storms threatened, if there wasn't time to haul ashore