Virtually every island in the Caribbean boasts an ideal spot to bird watch. Here are our 10-top Destinations for Bird Watchers

Yacht Haven Grande advancing to platinum level in 2019 - a new era of brand standard operational philosophy has been ushered into the IGY culture

When a rowboat named Grace was launched in July, it was a tangible sign of success for the My Brothers Workshop (MBW) Marine program

It wasn’t until Bryan navigated the Feel Good to the north towards Hull Bay that his lined tugged with a force that told him he had hooked a big fish.

Spot on starts, successfully managing wind shifts and a solid final day game plan proved the winning combination at International Optimist Regatta (IOR)

Many marinas throughout the Caribbean offer opportunities to dock your yacht for a season, annually or longer. Advantages and Disadvantages exist...

Catch the largest kingfish and win $3000. The Northside Sportfishing Club announces this new top prize for the 2019 Bastille Day Kingfish Tournament

Dialing in the right combination of scores proved the secret to success for Team USA Worlds, who won the TOTE Maritime Team Racing Championships

USVI students of the not-for-profit Marine Vocational Program (MVP) can continue their marine education thanks to the NYC Eastern Caribbean Relief Fund

The 29.87-pound dolphin fish (mahi-mahi) earned St. Thomas’ David Browne the Top Angler prize at the Virgin Islands Game Fishing Club’s Dolphin Derby

Catch the largest dolphin (mahi-mahi) over 55-pounds and win $25,000 at the Dolphin Derby through the Virgin Islands Game Fishing Club

The world’s most revolutionary catamaran set sail off St. Thomas, when the Eagle Class 53 was launched by Rhode Island-based Fast Forward Composites

Just do it!  There is definitely a niche for female captains and I think women get a pretty good reception overall from brokers and owners.

Cruzan Single Barrel Rum was a part of a line of superior blended aged rums. Experts taste and compare in a head to head rum review

The only US Virgin Islander to earn a medal at Central American and Caribbean Games, Peter Stanton, earned title of ‘Virgin Islands Sailor of the Year’

The St. Thomas Yacht Club and the Virgin Island Sailing Association are gearing up for the 2019 International Optimist Regatta, Clinic and Team Race