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Anguilla Regatta Caribbean to the Core

This was the ninth Anguilla Regatta and I have been to every one. As a journalist, I should remain impartial, but when it comes to the Anguilla Regatta, it gets my vote as one of the best on the Caribbean Calendar.

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Anguilla Dinghy Regatta 2011

Competitors from four island nations met in Anguilla at the end of January for the Anguilla Dinghy Regatta 2011, an annual event of growing importance and prestige on the Caribbean youth sailing calendar.

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Sea Salt – Anguillas Belto Carty

I found him in his sign-less Delicate Bar, shelling pigeon peas with his daughter, Mariette. The door opens to the pond and through it a cast of characters flow in and out along with the breeze that sweeps the pond

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Papers Please

Just say the words, "clearing in" or "clearing out" around any Caribbean sailor and you're sure to get a reaction

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Pirates Ahoy!

The Anguilla Youth Sailing Club is committed to teaching children to sail and has a strong scholarship programme enabling all children to learn regard

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