It's Regatta Time again in Anguilla. The Ninth Annual Anguilla Regatta happens over the long weekend of May 6 - 8 in Road Bay and around the West End of Anguilla.

More than 40 guests enjoyed an exclusive private tour of some of Anguilla's most coveted properties on Saturday March 19th, in an event organised by the Anguilla Sailing Association.

Competitors from four island nations met in Anguilla at the end of January for the Anguilla Dinghy Regatta 2011, an annual event of growing importance and prestige on the Caribbean youth sailing calendar.

Rebel Marine, owned and operated by a talented crew of Anguillians, design and build world class yachts right on the hill overlooking Road Bay.

Hilda, an historic and heroic ship, was found off the coast of Anguilla.

The Anguilla Regatta this month promises to be another great weekend of racing for sailors throughout the Caribbean.

We know so often that these boat building treasured talents die out, smothered in our modern mass-produced world. But not so in Anguilla. Boat building on that tiny island thrives.

Anguilla racing has a steep history and is taken very seriously. Stop by and enjoy a visit and put your skills to the test.

I found him in his sign-less Delicate Bar, shelling pigeon peas with his daughter, Mariette. The door opens to the pond and through it a cast of characters flow in and out along with the breeze that sweeps the pond

Just say the words, "clearing in" or "clearing out" around any Caribbean sailor and you're sure to get a reaction

The Anguilla Youth Sailing Club is committed to teaching children to sail and has a strong scholarship programme enabling all children to learn regard

The last race of the year on December 14 was a big improvement on last year' dead calm conditions for the 18.5 km surfski race from French Cul de Sac

What does an Anguillian Marine Unit policeman actually do during his day job