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Caribbean News: Yacht Outer Limits, Strikes Whale – Crew Evacuated

Rounding the first leeward mark in IOD class racing is always crowded. Photo: Talbot Wilson
Rounding the first leeward mark in IOD class racing is always crowded. Photo: Talbot Wilson

Yacht Outer Limits, Strikes Whale – Crew Evacuated
On the night of May 18th the yacht Outer Limits, taking part in ARC Europe 2012, struck a submerged object, possibly a whale, approximately 330nm northeast of Bermuda. The yacht sustained damage to the hull causing significant water ingress. Whilst the yacht’s emergency pumps were able to contain the leaks, skipper Joost Gehrels doubted that the boat could safety return to Bermuda and issued a Mayday to request immediate assistance.

Rescue Co-ordination Centre Bermuda contacted vessels in the area and diverted the merchant ship E R Melbourne to assist. The 36,000 tonne container ship, reached the Dutch registered Hanse 370e in the early hours of May 19th, and commenced evacuation of the crew. Within an hour, the four crew members of Outer Limits were safely aboard the merchant ship and the damaged yacht was abandoned, at approximate position 34 19N 59 04W.

Caribbean Sailing Regattas Adjust 2013 Dates
Several of the premiere Caribbean regattas have agreed to adjust their dates in 2013 to alleviate crowding of the racing calendar. The race directors will meet again in October 2012 to discuss this new schedule and work on a permanent solution that will run from 2014 onward.

Peter Holmberg of the Caribbean Sailing Association spearheaded this effort in an attempt to help both the visiting sailors and the events.

“The regatta directors were asked to consider the overall benefits, and not just the success of their individual event. The spirit of cooperation from everyone was greatly appreciated. With these adjustments, the entire Caribbean gains; the individual regattas and sponsors gain, the island economies gain, and the sport of sailing gains,” Holmberg said.
For the new regatta dates and links to their websites, visit: http://www.caribbean-sailing.com/csa

New Cruising guide to Haiti available for download
Delete your year-old Cruising Guide to Haiti 1.0 and download the Cruising Guide to Haiti 2.0 as a free PDF. The ePub version is coming soon to Amazon Kindle and other ePub bookstores.

Haiti 2.0 is one-third larger than the original edition following a recent cruise to the country’s south coast by author Frank Virgintino. Additional maps, many annotated for easier orientation, address technical needs and questions of cruisers.
To access free downloads of A Cruising Guide to Haiti 2.0 and the other Virgintino guides, visit www.freecruising
guides.com or your favorite ePub bookstore.

Bermuda to host World IOD Champs
Bermuda’s Great Sound will provide the backdrop for the 2012 International One Design (IOD) World Championships. Qualifiers from six countries, including Bermuda, will take part in the regatta which will begin on October 28 and conclude on November 4.

Bermuda’s eventual IOD World Championship qualifier will be determined in a 15-race series spread over several race days.
“Our local qualifier is not a string of closely connected races,” said IOD World Class president Robert Duffy. “We have picked out race days during the course of the year before October which will comprise our qualifying series. And we do it that way because we think it offers a greater opportunity to have different sailing conditions.”

There are presently seven IOD fleets, based in Norway, Sweden, England, Canada, USA and Bermuda comprising roughly 150 boats.

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