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Majestic Coatings and Supplies Hold Appreciation Day


Majestic Coatings and Supplies Hold Appreciation Day

Trinidad, Chaguaramas – Majestic Coatings and Supplies, a small company with a big heart, held an Appreciation Day in September. Directors Mel and Joanna invited contractors, applicators and yachties to join them at their Coral Cove Marina location to thank them for their business and celebrate the start of a new yachting season. The party was supported by Sea Hawk Paints, and a large number of guests enjoyed a day of music, food and beer.

Caribbean Sailing Association Regatta Organizers Conference

Bringing the Islands of the Caribbean together can be a challenge but that is exactly what happened at the Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) Regatta Organizers Conference held in St. Maarten in October. Chaired by CSA President Cary Byerley, and attended by representatives of 12 Caribbean Regattas, the conference covered a variety of issues. The theme running through the conference was one of cooperation and subjects discussed included Promotion and Press, Media and Sponsorship, the continuing use of the current CSA rating rules and more. Held at Great Bay Beach Resort, the two day conference was attended by more than 30 regatta representatives and
guest speakers.

For info visit: caribbean-sailing.com

Budget Marine Now Have
Tobago Agent

Daniella Rodriguez Jacelon of Tobago Marine Supplies has been appointed Tobago Agent for Budget Marine, Trinidad. Daniella is no stranger to the Trinidad and Tobago boating scene and has been involved in marketing and organizing of a number of fishing tournaments and sailing regattas in Tobago. Thanks to the fast ferry and regular flights between the islands, transfer of goods between Trinidad and Tobago is easy. While a number of Tobagonians make regular visits to the Trinidad store in Chaguaramas, Budget Marine’s new Tobago agent will actively seek out potential customers and make the ordering and receiving of products in the sister isle a smooth and painless experience.

Daniella can be contacted at: Tobago Marine Supplies Tel: 868-367-1242 or e-mail: [email protected]

News for Yachts
Returning to Europe in 2011

World Cruising Club announces a new US departure port for their transatlantic rally to Europe, ARC Europe. Convenient for boaters in the Chesapeake and New England, the port of Hampton, Virginia, will be the home for yachts starting in the USA.

ARC Europe takes yachts from either Hampton or Tortola, BVI, first to Bermuda where the two fleets rendezvous, then across the Atlantic to sail and explore the Azores archipelago.
The fleet reaches the European continent in June in time for the European sailing season. Yachts start in Hampton on May 6 2011 before crossing the 640nm to Bermuda. There they will meet and socialize with the Tortola fleet, enjoying five to seven days of social activities and pre-Atlantic preparation in St George’s. The re-start in Bermuda will take place on May 18, the yachts then complete the longest leg of 1800nm to the island of Faial in the Azores. Following a cruise around the archipelago, yachts depart from Sao Miguel on June 11 for the final passage of 820nm to Lagos in southern Portugal. Some yachts leave the rally in the Azores to sail northeast to England, but most join together to enjoy the prize giving dinner in Lagos on June 19.

BVI Billfish Tournament
to Return in 2011

Virgin Gorda – The Bitter End Yacht Club (BEYC) is to restart a fishing tournament last held in 2008. The new event, to be called the BVI Billfish Tournament, will be permanently hosted by the BEYC.

“We are thrilled that the tournament will be returning next year,” said Sandra Grisham, Chief Operating Officer of Bitter End. “We know the anglers who participated in the past and our many friends will insure the success of the tournament. Being such a short ride from the North Drop, makes it easy to combine a full day of fishing with some relaxing time ashore.”
Once again the team from Al Behrendt Enterprises will run the catch and release tournament. Behrendt has successfully run the Bahamas Billfish Tournament for the past 28 years.

Dates: July 17-20 2011. For info, contact Al Behrendt Enterprises at [email protected]


Kees departed on his final voyage in early September 2010. He will be remembered for his aura of quiet, calm and peaceful demeanor. He was a sailor’s sailor, a hippy’s hippy and a mentor to all seeking a free-wheeling way of life. With his sun bleached blonde hair, ‘stache and whiskers blowing in the wind he was often seen sailing his small Piver tri, The Wiz, standing naked, one foot on the tiller and giving a happy wave.

I knew Kees in the early 70s in St Thomas’ Benner Bay (the lagoon) where we were both fixing up our small boats to go cruising. Later we moved over to nearby False Entrance, a beautiful, calm and protected anchorage behind a fringing reef with a small island, Cas Cay to one side. Other like-minded sailors were there too and a communal atmosphere developed. Kees adopted the bay as his temporary home and later the island became known as Happy Island with Kees as unofficial ‘Mayor of Happy Island’. Sometime later his son Kees Love was born there, on board The Wiz, tied stern to Happy Island.

Kees was not without a sense of humor and loved to outsmart the authorities. I once asked him where he got his admiral’s cap but he put his finger to his lips – ssshhh – at this forbidden question. Later I found out that on a yacht delivery to the east coast, Newport, RI, I think, the crew discovered a floating dome shaped object with antennae in the water and brought it aboard. They discerned that it was some sort of message retrieving device and on arrival reported their findings to the naval base. Captain Kees and crew were immediately treated like royalty and invited to the admiralty building for a reception to hand over the apparently secretive and valuable find and to answer questions. Well, you can put two and two together – after all valuable information doesn’t come for free.

In subsequent years Kees sailed far and wide – the world was indeed his oyster and he touched many people on his voyages. There will be crowds of family and friends at a memorial gathering on Happy Island on November 21 to give Kees a big send off.

Other Words:

“Kees was a kind and generous person. He was my best friend. Excuse me while I cry now.” John Smith. Mermaid
of Carriacou.

“He was a sailor’s sailor and a friend to all. Often during my circumnavigations, people would ask about him when they saw Virgin Islands on my transom. He’ll be missed … both in the Caribbean and world wide.” Cap’n Fatty. Wild Card.

“… setting off at 60 years of age on a solo-circumnavigation (proudly stating that his was the slowest solo-circumnavigation – nine years) … making friends with any and all people that crossed paths … must have crossed many paths.” Gary Manning.

“I never knew anyone who lived closer to nature or could make his ‘freedom chips’ go so far. And have a ‘far out’ good time doing it. I can only imagine he lived the rest of his life that way, and it would have been a very full one.” Susan, ex. Elenoa.

“In 1976, two days after wrecking my first boat in Antigua, Kees sailed from St Bart, un-asked, after hearing of my loss. He offered himself and his boat, Wizard of Id. He helped me for weeks, eventually bringing all my stuff back to St. Bart. He had the least to gain, but the most to give. I named my only son after him.” Bruce Smith. Woodwind.

Editor’s note: All At Sea join Julian Putley in paying tribute to Kees Stapel.


Bruntons Launch CPP System

After two years of research, design and development, Bruntons Propellers have launched a Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP) system. The CPP fills the one remaining gap in Bruntons product line which has a full range of fixed, folding, feathering, surface piercing and now CPP offerings. The first model in the range is aimed at yachts over 100ft (30.5m) feet in length and with engines up to 800hp. Bruntons say further developments are already underway which will make systems available for craft with engines of up to 2000hp and beyond. Among the new features to be found on the Bruntons CPP, which is fully feathering, is a hub containing two cams; this increases the blade operating angles and reduces the force needed to move it. Email: [email protected]

Keep Jacklines Off the Deck
Tired of tripping over a jacklines or having them roll out from under your feet? Then the new shroud mounted jackline fairlead from C. Sherman Johnson Co., Inc could be the thing for you. Manufacturer from a billet of 316 stainless steel, the rugged new fairlead fits wire, rod or Dyform shrouds from 5/16- to ½-inch. Mounting the fairlead is as simple as attaching it to a shroud five or six feet above the deck, then running a 3/8-inch diameter low stretch line from a stern cleat through the ½-inch diameter fairlead. The line is then tied off to a bow cleat and ready for use. Price includes installation kit. Info: mt.csjohnson.com



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