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Subbase Drydock, St. Thomas
Subbase Drydock, St. Thomas

Caribbean Boatyard Update

Fall is the time many Caribbean boaters put their yacht on the hard to get work done in the yard. Here is an update on what’s new in yards in the Caribbean.


Puerto Del Rey, Puerto Rico
Puerto Del Rey, Puerto Rico

“We cleaned out the entire area, began the process of removing abandoned boats and are now investing $100,000 in the construction of 1,100 feet of additional tie down structures to securely accommodate monohulls and multihulls during the hurricane season, says Carolina Corral, associate at Putnam Bridge Funding, owners of the Puerto del Rey Marina, in Fajardo. “Additionally, the boatyard facilities are undergoing an estimated $1.5 million remodel to improve the layout and take full advantage of the space. There will be additional parking as well as areas for new contractors and dealers.” www.puertodelrey.com

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  1. Hi. Was wondering if you had a list of abandoned sailboats for the marina. Or any other marinas here in Puerto Rico. Or any starting places to look on line for it. Thanks

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