Call to Action for The Bahamas – VISAR

After many emails and phone calls, we were finally able to make contact with Bahamas Air-Sea Rescue Association (BASRA), Chairman, Eddie who is located on Grand Bahamas Island. BASRA is a Non Profit-Non Government Organization much like VISAR.

As you can imagine, he sounds like we did two years ago. He knows he needs help, he’s grateful that we’ve reached out, but he needs a bit of time to determine how best to use our resources.

While we wait on BASRA, we would like to start collecting funds, so we are prepared to start purchasing and directly shipping items, once they’ve provided us with their supply list.

VISAR is also looking into sending volunteer crew members to The Bahamas to help, as needed, over the next few months. Should this happen, we will use these funds to make sure our crew have the materials needed to accurately support BASRA.

We at VISAR, pride ourselves on being transparent, especially with disaster relief funds. 100% of all funds raised through the “Support BASRA” fund, will go directly towards relief efforts. VISAR will not be taking an admin fee. For the most up to date information, please follow us on Facebook.

Please note: Memberplant does take a processing fee for all donations processed online. Please feel free to email or call me at 345.4357 if you’d like to drop off cash or a check.