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Bristol Finish is alive and well!

Bristol Finish is alive and well!

Bristol Finish Marine Wood Finish Brand Purchased By Lalandii Coatings, LLC

DCP_0807Lalandii Coatings, LLC announces that they have acquired the Bristol Finish brand of high performance marine wood finishes in an asset purchase.

This is a tremendous opportunity to take a well established brand of high performance marine wood coatings and raise it to the next level.

Production is fully up to speed.

About Bristol Finish

The Bristol Finish line of products offers a high tech longer lasting more durable alternative, or complement to traditional varnish for marine brightwork and outdoor/indoor wood coating applications. Conceived for the marine environment, Bristol Finish has also gained traction in a wide range of applications in the home and architectural markets.

Product information and technical information is available at www.bristolfinish.com

Lalandii Coatings, LLC is the manufacturer of the Bristol Finish Brand of exterior/interior high performance marine and architectural wood coatings.

Dealer and distributor inquiries are welcome! Questions or comments should be submitted to [email protected] or 855-423-8009.

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