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Bottom Paint Application Guide

Step-by-step Independent Application Guide to
Boat Bottom Paint


Keeping crud off the bottom of a boat has been a problem for mariners … well, probably since before recorded history. From oil to tar; from tin and copper sheeting to tin- and copper-based bottom paint; and even from chili powder to indelible markers … Boaters have tried everything to keep their boat bottoms smooth and clean. Environmental concerns, however, are forcing mariners to find new ways to protect their boats without poisoning their playground or workplace with bottom paint.

If you are a new owner, you might be wondering why you need bot tom paint. The Caribbean’s warm, salty water provides extreme fouling conditions. If you keep your boat in the water, many marine plants and animals will view the bot tom of your boat as a perfect home. Their attachment to your hull will, at best, slow your boat and, at worst, foul your intake valves and props. Your engines will have to work harder to move your boat, and that green stuff on the bot tom looks yucky.

J. Summer Westman spent the last several months interviewing and researching the different companies with Marine Bottom Painting products to offer you a step-by-step independent application guide based upon our research. Please note… Our research is geared towards the Caribbean region which is considered one of the harshest regions for bottom growth.

Participating companies include: Interlux, Sea Hawk and Pettit Paint

Boat Bottom Paint Tips and Tricks

NEW Biocide Free Bottom Paint Launched by Interlux

Additional Insights into Anti-fouling in the Caribbean by Robbie Ferron

Interlux makes a Plea to Paint Manufacturers – “Put the Tributyl-tin–containing Antifoulings To Bed”



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