Sunday, March 26, 2023
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ATL FueLocker Collapsible Aux-Fuel Tanks

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For decades, ATL’s Petro-Flex® Pillow Bladders have been industry’s mainstay for safely carrying 25 to 250 gallons of auxiliary fuel in planes, boats, trailers and off-road equipment. Now, with a footprint only half that of a “pillow-bladder”, the new collapsible “FueLocker”â„¢ becomes even more ideal for ships, yachts, trucks, defense vehicles , first-responders and refuel-depots. ATL FueLockersâ„¢ also serve as direct supply tanks for gasoline and diesel generators, engine-pump sets, extended range vehicles and ferry-flight operations.

“FueLockers”â„¢ are super tough, made of rubberized ballistic nylon, and easy to set up or collapse for storage. These engineered fuel bladders will accommodate gasoline, E10 bio-fuel, diesel, kerosene, bio-diesel, 100LL, bio-butanol and all jet fuels including JP4, JP8 and JP10. They are fitted with a 2″ (50mm) cam-lok quick-fill, for either direct-pump or nozzle filling. Outlets are 1″ (25mm) or 1/2” (12mm) for engine fuel-line connection and “aux-to-main” transfer. Each FueLockerâ„¢ is fitted with a pressure relief vent valve for additional safety, and a 2″ (50mm) bulk discharge fitting assembly is optional.

New ATL FueLocker 500 Gallon are collapsible

ATL’s FueLockerâ„¢ tanks are available in 5 convenient sizes from 100 to 500 gallons (400 to 2000 liters). So relax, and keep the power on longer, with ATL FueLockersâ„¢!

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For further information contact ATL’s Craig Mitchell or David Dack at 800-526-5330 or 201-825-1400 Email: [email protected]

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