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Ask the experts: Dinghy Pumps?

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Even if your dinghy has perfect air retention you want to keep a dinghy pump close at hand. At least that is the approach of the cautious captain and experienced captains tend to get cautious over time. So, what you end up doing is putting the pump in the locker in your dinghy or some other container in your dinghy where, inevitably, salt water will get to it.  

The big question is whether it will still work when the big day comes when you will need it? How can we predict this bit of the future?

There are basically foot pumps and hand pumps . The foot pump is easier to operate over large periods . However, most foot pumps have a metal spring inside which has an excellent chance of rusting away. The hand pump does not have that, all components being plastic which is why the hand pump is the safer option and the foot pump not and thus the choice of the cautious captain.  

Dinghy pumps need to connect to the valve on the dinghy. Most pumps come with many connections of which none fit on the dinghies in the Caribbean. Therefore, you should purchase the clever attachment with three spacers which doubles as a Rubik’s cube. This device challenges you to find which combination of colors will make the fitting work perfectly on your dinghy and seal off beautifully. As with many marine items, it’s great when it works.

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