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Antilles School Wins Coral Bay School Regatta

Sailing smart led
Antilles School’s Cy Thompson, and crew Rian Bareuther, to win both Division A
and Overall in the Coral Bay School Regatta, held in St. John October 30 and

"We sailed
smart and were consistent. Even though we didn’t have the best starts, sailing
smart helped us catch up," Thompson said.

The two St. Thomas
sailors were among twenty-four high school competitors representing three teams
from Antilles School, one team from the St. John School, one team from St.
Croix’s Country Day School and a VI Home School team.

"High school
sailing teams on each island have been asked to host a regatta, so we decided
to run the first one of the school year," said Dick Burks, regatta

Under clear skies,
winds averaging 10 to 15 knots and calm seas, each team sailed eight races
aboard 420s over short windward-leeward courses. Scores were calculated each
division separately and for a combined overall.

The depth and
experience of Antilles School sailors showed right from the start.

In addition to
Thompson and Bareuther’s win, Antilles sailors Andi Bailey and Mimi Roller led
Division B. "We had all first place finishes the first day, except a third
when a squall blew through and the wind died. Today, we scored all firsts again
until the last race. That was when a big breeze blew through and we had to
sheet out to avoid capsizing, Roller said."

St. John’s Richard
Baranowski, one of four St. John School sailing team members, has his sights
set on the future: "We have all sailed Lasers and Optis, but we haven’t had
as much practice in the 420s."

Meanwhile, Country
Day School coach, Duane Minton, commented: "We have a young team, two
eighth graders and two ninth graders, so there’s a lot of room to grow."

Stephanie Malanga,
who sailed for Country Day, said: "Our goal was to have fun. It was a
learning experience for us."


1. Cy Thompson, Rian Bareuther, Antilles School 1 (8)
2. Taylor Canfield, Sophie Newbold, Antilles School 3 (13)
3. Thomas Barrows, Nathan Rosenberg, Antilles School 2 (21)
4. Sean Costanzo, Richard Baranowski, St. John School (28)
5. Jae Tonachel, Josh Curtis, VI Home School (28)
6. Stephanie Malanga, Sidney Jones, Country Day School (41)

1. Andi Bailey, Mimi Roller, Antilles School 2 (9)
2. Callie Burks, Kendal Canfield, Antilles School 1 (13)
3. Ryan Costanzo, Erica Nye, St. John School (20)
4. Sarah Burks, Claire Tagini, Antilles School 3 (29)
5. Tristan McDonald, Beth Tonachel, VI Home School (31)
6. Chris Schreiber, Sam Shogeren, Country Day School (37)

1. Antilles School 1 (Cy Thompson, Rian Bareuther, Callie Burks, Kendal
Canfield) 21
2. Antilles School 2 (Thomas Barrows, Nathan Rosenberg, Andi Bailey, Mimi
Roller) 30
3. Antilles School 3 (Taylor Canfield, Sophie Newbold, Sarah Burks, Claire
Tagini) 42
4. St. John School (Sean Costanzo, Richard Baranowski, Ryan Costanzo, Erica
Nye) 48
5. VI Home School (Jae Tonachel, Josh Curtis, Tristan McDonald, Beth Tonachel)
6. Country Day School (Stephanie Malanga, Sidney Jones, Chris Schreiber, Sam
Shogeren) 78

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