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Amico & Co NEW Graving Dock to be Ready 2014

Amico & Co shipyard has been constantly improving its position in the megayacht market in last two years.

The current 2013-2014 order portfolio actually includes 8 units between 50-90 meters length, 5 of which are already in the yard. These orders represent approx. 35% of the estimated workload for the entire season, which counts on average up to 85 projects, ranging from service, refit and repair.

At the time being , Amico & Co has in progress acquired 2 projects for 2 American clients (86 and 65 meters), and other 4 yacht+60 m will be drydocked and refitted within the end of 2013, while the others will be executed within the Amico & Co facilities. The longest project involves a 6-month interior refit of an 86-meter, in cooperation with “Oceanco”, one of the world leaders in the construction of megayachts, in the top segment of the market.

The high quality standard of the finishing painting, achieved with an impressive track record of more than 50 paint projects successfully delivered in last 8 years, has been recognized as a pivotal and decisive factor in the acquisition of some of the new projects.

Nuovo Bacino Amico & Co (2)

The new covered graving drydock in progress, ready in 2014

This project is the last of a series of infrastructural and productive investments started back in 1991. It represents the evolution and continuum of the retractable cover placed in 1997 in one of the docks (number 2) managed by Ente Bacini, which already enables to accommodate indoor refit for yachts up to 70 meters.

The project will be developed within the shipyard facilities and represents an important strategic improvement in the development of the Company’s activities, enabling to operate even more efficiently on yachts up to 102 meters.

After a year of executive planning, the new dry dock has been launched and will be equipped with a retractable cover and a dedicated facility system, allowing temperature and humidity control, and complying with the environmental certification ISO 14001.

The works started last June and will be completed within October 2014

The investment is worth 5.6 Mio Euros and is going to be supported through a financial plan funded by private resources as well as medium term credit instruments.

The Company

Founded in 1991 and managed by the Amico family, Amico & Co has become one of the world’s main leaders in the repair and refit sector. This position has been achieved thanks to a constant growth of its infrastructure, organisational and productive skills. The company’s in-house departments in engineering-mechanical, yacht painting and interior work has been the key for delivering time and costefficiency refit projects, thus allowing the growth of the yard reputation among his clients

Since 2000, Amico & Co has also strengthened its presence within the market by reinforcing the services provided to super yachts (through Amico Servizi) and by opening in 2010 a new yard (Amico Loano) in Loano , inside the new Marina.


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