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ALGAE-X Touch Screen Controller for SMART Fuel Polishing Systems

ALGAE-X International (AXI), manufacturer of diesel fuel quality optimization systems and equipment, announced the premier of the SFC-70 Series Controller for SMART Fuel Polishing Systems at the 2012 Miami International Boat Show.

As a first the industry, ALGAE-X’s New SFC-70 Series is a UL508A Touch-Screen Controller with Modbus TCP/IP LAN (Internet) and embedded web page connectivity for advanced remote monitoring and seamless integration with any on board management system. The SMART Fuel Polishing System’s alarm conditions can be communicated by E-mail and/or SMS Text alerts.

“This state-of-the-art controller makes it even easier to integrate fuel polishing with the vessel’s existing operating and management systems” said Wout Lisseveld, AXI’s CEO. “that is great news for our high-end boat builder clients.”

SMART FPS Fuel Polishing Systems condition and stabilize fuel. They keep it dry and free from microbial contamination, to ensure that your fuel is in “Clear & Bright” pristine condition at all times. AXI equipment guarantees reliable power and peak engine performance, clean tanks and the lowest possible emissions.

AXI’s patented Green Certified technologies and equipment restores, optimizes, and maintains fuel quality, guaranteeing peak engine performance and reliable power while lowering operating costs.  AXI’s commitment to customer service and superior engineering has propelled the company to a leadership position in the market and promoted a more efficient use our planet’s non-renewable resources.

AXI is represented across North America and in more than 70 countries worldwide. AXI fuel maintenance systems and equipment are available through major engine distributors, marine equipment distributors, fuel storage tank manufacturers, and also through factory trained resellers and representatives.

Read more at: www.AXIFuelConditioning.com

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