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Advanced Mechanical Enterprises Performs First Ever Refit of SCS on Donzi Sportfish Yacht

When the Grace V, a 2003 Roscioli-built Donzi was getting a face-lift at Roscioli Yachting Center, the owner, a serious fisherman, wanted to install the Seatorque Control System (SCS) fully enclosed fixed shaft drive system (also known as The Bossâ„¢) to bring his vessel up to current production standards. To bring this new technology to the older vessel, Advanced Mechanical Enterprises (AME) was commissioned to line bore the stern tube of the Grace V, for the installation of the system – the first retrofit for the Roscioli brand since the system is standard for all new builds.

The Bossâ„¢ is a totally enclosed, oil filled, self contained, shaft and thrust bearing assembly, supplied as a complete unit from transmission output coupling to propeller taper. The Bossâ„¢ allows (AME) was commissioned to line bore the stern tube of the Grace V, for the installation of the system vessels to run at top speed and even increase knots. It was a great upgrade for Grace V, but the challenge was that it has a larger diameter than conventional systems that have been used for the past 20 years. To install it, the stern tube needed to be line bored to allow for its larger diameter.

“Most of our installations are on new builds, so the stern tube or struts are usually built to Seatorque specifications,” said Jana Stolper, SCS. “In this case where the retro-fitting needed to be done, the line boring was a necessity.”

Line Boring from AMELine boring is the process of cutting the inside of a bore to enlarge its internal diameter (ID). In the marine industry, line boring can be performed on the main or auxiliary engines, gearboxes, A Brackets, rudder bores, or as in the case with Grace V, the stern tube. Line boring is highly specialized and there are very few companies that do it. AME is one of the few in South Florida who do and have the powerful field machinery and expertise to deliver quality results.

“We wanted to work with AME because they are the best,” said Thomas Glass, Vice President, Roscioli International. “Our clients expect a certain level of service and want things done correctly at the first go – AME always surpasses our expectations.”

Close Up of AME Line Boring

Before starting work on the Grace V at Roscioli’s state-of-the-art covered dry dock, the AME shop fabricated custom fixtures for the line boring machine to protect the vessel’s fiberglass. These fixtures were created to center and support the line boring machine for a smooth and flawless install. They then had to open up the ID of the stern tube so The Bossâ„¢ would be able to fit appropriately. AME bored out the ID of the 23 ft. shaft, increasing it from 4.250″ to 5.030″.

“The advantage of field line boring is that it’s a very valuable and cost effective process,” said Rich Merhige, President, Advanced Mechanical Enterprises. “In this case, line boring enabled the client to make an economical upgrade to this yacht using the existing arrangement.”

About Advanced Mechanical Enterprises
Advanced Mechanical Enterprises is a comprehensive marine and industrial engineering services company. Our goal is to ensure the long term life and reliability of your equipment. In the marine industry it’s all about performance, efficiency and smooth sailing. By properly maintaining your machinery you ensure lower costs on repairs and the dreaded down-time. That’s exactly what we eliminate. AME offers two locations, an office at Lauderdale Marine Center and a full machine shop with full repair and fabrication capabilities. Our services include computerized laser and optical alignment, infrared thermography, balancing, certified welding, metal fabrication, precision and in-place machining, oil analysis and vibration analysis for compressors, blowers, pumps, gears, turbines, engines and motors, using state-of-the-art equipment. For more information, please visit www.amesolutions.com or call 954-764-2678.

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