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4th Annual Club Nautico de San Juan International Regatta

Light and shifty winds
blowing across San Juan’s harbor set challenging conditions for junior sailors
competing in the 4th annual Club Nautico de San Juan International
Regatta. Yet, this February 4 to 6 event saw close competition and tiebreakers
in both the Optimist and Laser classes.

In the Optimist class, St.
John’s Mayumi Roller and Puerto Rico’s David Alfonso fought for the top slot.
Both sailors were tied with 18 points after five races. However, Roller won the
tiebreaker by having scored the greater number of first place finishes. In
addition to topping the Optimist class overall, Roller earned first in the 13-
to 15-year-old Red Fleet and Top Girl.

One point behind Roller and
Alfonso, St. Thomas’ Tyler Rice scored third overall and third in Red Fleet,
while Puerto Rico’s Ivan Aponte finished fourth overall but took first in the
11- to 12-year-old Blue Fleet.

Puerto Rico’s Armando
Collazo won the 10- and under White Fleet and fellow islander, Raul Rios,
topped the Green beginner fleet with a string of top three finishes.

In the Laser fleet, Puerto
Rico’s Adrian Hernandez won the 4.7 division with a string of flawless first
place finishes. There was a scramble for second through fourth place with only
one point separating the competitors. Ultimately, St. John’s Hugo Roller took
second, Puerto Rico’s Patricia Villafane won a tiebreaker for third and Jorge
Hernandez took fourth.

In Laser Radials, the
tiebreaker went deep as Puerto Rico’s Marco Teixidor and Guatemala’s Juan
Delgado scored an identical number of first, second and third place finishes.
Ultimately, Teixidor won the last race and the class.

St. Thomas’ Cy Thompson
sailed a near flawless string of first place finishes in Laser Standard to
triumph over Puerto Rico’s Francisco Medina by three points. Thompson’s success
earned him an all expense paid trip to Playa Bonito in the Dominican Republic
for a newly organized laser regatta in March.

The team of Guatemala’s
Jason Hess and Puerto Rico’s Luis Padro won the 420 class.

“We had sailors from Puerto Rico, all three U.S. Virgin Islands,
the BVI, Trinidad, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala,” says organizer and
Club Nautico de San Juan head coach, José Gilberto Berríos. “It was a great



OPTIMIST (Red, Blue &
White Fleets Overall)


1. Mayumi Roller, St. John,
USVI (18)

2. David Alfonso, Puerto
Rico (18)

3. Tyler Rice, St. Thomas,
USVI (19)

4. Ivan Aponte, Puerto Rico

5. Fernando Monllor, Puerto
Rico (22)

6. Billy Gibbons, St. Croix,
USVI (28)

7. Jose Nigaglioni, Puerto
Rico (33)

8. Ramon Gonzalez, Puerto
Rico (38)

9. Armando Collazo, Puerto
Rico (45)

10. Morgan Bryan, St. Croix,
USVI (55)

11. Marina Peniza, Puerto
Rico (57)

12. Alexander Coyle, St.
John, USVI (62)

13. Jose Vizcarrondo, Puerto
Rico (63)

14. Carmen Rivera, Puerto
Rico (67)

15. McKenzie Bryan, St.
Croix, USVI (71)

16. Max Nickbarg, St. John,
USVI (75)


OPTIMIST (Green/Beginner)


1. Raul Rios, Puerto Rico

2. Juan Perdoma, Puerto Rico

3. Gabriel Gadenas, Puerto
Rico (22)

4. Roberto Puig, Puerto Rico

5. Paul Christiansen, Puerto
Rico (33)

6. Michael Coogan, Puerto
Rico (34)

7. Andres Reguero, Puerto
Rico (49)

8. Pedro Fullana, Puerto
Rico (54)

9. Sebastian Rodriguez,
Puerto Rico (59)

10. Cristy Ballester, Puerto
Rico (63)

11. Manuel Gonzalez, Puerto
Rico (84)



1. Adrian Hernandez, Puerto
Rico (5)

2. Hugo Roller, St. John,
USVI (15)

3. Patricia Villafane,
Puerto Rico (16)

4. Jorge Hernandez, Puerto
Rico (16)

5. Alistair Afoo, Trinidad

6. Gabriel Ramos, Puerto
Rico (25)

7. Miguel Vega, Puerto Rico

8. Luis Gomez, Puerto Rico

9. Patrick Carolus, Puerto
Rico (37)

10. Hector Gonzalez, Puerto
Rico (49)



1. Marco Teixidor, Puerto
Rico (9)

2. Juan Jose Delgado,
Guatemala (9)

3. Gabriel Bonnin, Puerto
Rico (19)

4. Carlos Teixidor, Puerto
Rico (20)

5. Angela Albela, Puerto
Rico (22)

6. Daisy Cintron, Puerto
Rico (24)

7. Andres Muniz, Puerto Rico

8. Javier Rodriguez, Puerto
Rico (38)

9. Sydney Jones, St. Croix,
USVI (39)

10. Paloma Riego, Puerto
Rico (43)

11. Miro Leal, Puerto Rico



1. Cy Thompson, St. Thomas,
USVI (6)

2. Francisco Medina, Puerto
Rico (9)

3. Raul Aguayo, Dominican
Republic (16)

4. Jorge Santiago, Puerto
Rico (18)

5. Carlos Hernandez, Puerto
Rico (21)

6. Juan Moline, Puerto Rico

7. William Fuertes, Puerto
Rico (35)

8. Jorge Abreu, Dominican
Republic (35)

9. Bryshaun Scatliffe,
Tortola, BVI (38)

10. Vicente Casellas, Puerto
Rico (50)

11. Gregory Fink, Puerto
Rico (54)

12. Jose Fullana, Puerto
Rico (63)



1. Jason Hess,
Guatemala/Luis Padro, Puerto Rico (5)

2. Jennifer Maffioli/Marcos
Maffioli, Puerto Rico (11)

3. Ricardo Vargas, Puerto
Rico/Luis Gutierrez, Guatemala (14)

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