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11th Annual Tobago Game Fishing Tournament Wrapup

Record breaking is an excellent way to describe the 11 th Annual Tobago Game Fishing Tournament, held out of Charlotteville, Tobago, March 30 to April 2. “Thirty-three boats registered for this year’s contest, but after a few mechanical problems, 31 boats actually participated. That’s still a new record for us,” said organizer Gerald ‘Frothy’ De Silva.

In addition, says De Silva, “Over the course of the tournament, we had 44 fish come to scale, and 59 tag and release catches including 58 blue marlin, and one sailfish, breaking the record for most billfish releases in a tournament for Trinidad & Tobago!”

Sports fishermen from Barbados came up winners this year reeling in top prizes in five categories. “Happy Hunter, out of Barbados, established dominance early on Day One with five blue marlin releases and one 23.4 lb. dolphin, giving them a one day total of 2279.25 points and huge lead over the rest of the pack,” says De Silva. “Angler Andrew Rapson was responsible for three of the marlin, as well as the dolphin.”

Day Two saw the boat Mischief tag and release three blue marlin, two for angler Nick Nothnagel and one for angler Stephen Dalla Costa. This gave Mischief the Best Boat title for the day and moved the vessel into second place overall.

On Day Three, De Silva’s Hard Play II won the day’s top title with two blue marlin releases for 950 points. “Happy Hunter came up blank and Mischief landed only a 41.3lb. Wahoo, but managed to maintain their hold on first and second place overall, respectively,” De Silva says.

Michael Lee Yuen, an angler aboard Mischief, summed up the spirit of the tournament best when he said, “We had and super wonderful time in Charlotteville. The water taxis ran on time, your fueling facility was unquestionable, fresh water supply was excellent, breakfast and dinner was superb, bait was in super condition, and your entire hard working committee was always there to assist us when in need. This is my second consecutive year fishing in your tournament and words can never be enough in expressing how great, how wonderful, little Tobago can deliver a game fishing tournament with such excellence.”

De Silva added, “We hope that those boats from St. Lucia, Grenada and elsewhere in the region that were unable to participate this year will be able to join us in 2007, and we, of course, look forward to seeing the Bajans back again in Charlotteville!”



1. Happy Hunter, 2317.25 points
2. Mischief, 1860.38 points
3. Hard Play II, 1731.25 points


Largest Yellowfin Tuna, Andre John, 57.1 pounds, Blue Magic
Largest Dolphin, Nick Bovell, 39.1 pounds, Pair A Dice
Largest Wahoo, Sam Nothnagel, 41.3 pounds, Mischief
*No billfish were brought to the scale


Best Male Angler, Andrew Rapson, 1267.25 points, Happy Hunter
Best Female Angler, Linda Amann, 509.1 points, Viking IV
Best Junior Male Angler, Curtis Antoine, Jr., 41.75 points, Workshop Sea Tours
Best Tag & Release Angler, Andrew Rapson, 1200 points, Happy Hunter
Best Tag & Release Team, 2250 points, Happy Hunter
Best Boat Day 1: Happy Hunter, 2279.25 points
Best Boat Day 2: Mischief, 1407.38 points
Best Boat Day 3: Hard Play II, 950 points

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