Yachtbrain makes your boat smart with advanced automation technology

Monitor, control, and automate your boat’s systems from your smartphone, tablet or desktop and rest easy with real-time, reliable notifications for important activity.

An automation platform that consists of a hub, sensors, and relays, YachtBrain is uniquely expandable, and simply by adding sensors and relays to your vessel you can mix and match to meet your needs! Sensors monitor electrical devices and will send messages when they go on or off allowing you to see what’s happening anytime with your bilge pump, refrigeration, engine starts, and more. The unit also monitors DC voltage, uses Geofence and Anchor Watch to protect your boat from unauthorized movements, and tracks temperature and humidity on board, sending you alerts if anything is amiss.


Using wireless communications and advanced automation technology, YachtBrain can respond to any number of events or non-events that you define and set up. Tell YachtBrain to turn on the cockpit and deck lights once the sun sets and consider it done. Ask YachtBrain to switch on the fridge on Fridays at 3pm and you’ll have a cold drink in-hand upon arrival. YachtBrain makes your boat smart.

The YachtBrain Commander Collection ships next year and includes one YachtBrain HUB, one sensor (senses up to 4 electrical devices), and two relays. yachtbrain.com

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