The Drinking Man’s Guide to the BVI

I have known Julian Putley for over a decade and greatly
admire his strong sense of camaraderie and humor. The second edition of his Drinking Man’s Guide to the BVI is even
better than the first. As a charter captain for more years than he would like
to admit, Julian knows, firsthand, every watering hole, not only within the BVI
but most probably within the entire Caribbean. This newest edition reflects his
vast knowledge, plus it is chocker-block full of funny short stories,
limericks, cartoons, drink recipes, sketches, poetry, jokes and descriptions of
the BVI’s best bars. There are also some very valuable coupons, good for FREE
drinks and meals included. With its humorous anecdotes, the book is a really
fun read.

What I recommend to cruisers is that you purchase the book locally when
you first arrive for your chartering vacation and take it with you everywhere
you go. If you do this, you will pay for the book many times over, before you leave,
using the coupons in the back. It can be purchased locally for $16 and under.
The Guide is also the perfect gift for all BVI Bar lovers out there and can be
purchased at
as well as Amazon & Barnes & Noble. Send it wrapped, with a note and a
toast to our watering holes!

Julian is also the
author of Sunfun Calypso, which I had
the pleasure of reviewing for All At Sea when
it came out in 1999. Hey, the guy is a funny Caribbean writer who, if you have
lived here long enough, tells it like it is. So if you really want a good read
purchase both books and enjoy your holiday – but be careful with the recipes
though – remember that moderation is the key!!!

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