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Charter Series: Charter with Kids on Board

Sailing vacations can be some of the best additions to a family’s life experiences. Ann-Wallis White, owner of Annapolis, Md. based Ann-Wallis White Yacht Charters, explains that careful planning is key. “Be patient, be logical. Do not expect too much …

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Choosing a Charter Yacht: One Hull or Two?

Photo courtesy of The Moorings

Two hulls are better than one. This thinking has launched the tremendous popularity of catamarans for charter over the last decade. But why? “Space,” answers Ann Wallis-White, owner of Annapolis-based Ann Wallis-White Yacht Charters. “Clients choose catamarans for the same …

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What Type of Charter is Right for You?

Courtesy of The Moorings

“There are so many factors in every charter trip,” says Ann Wallis-White, owner of Annapolis-based Ann-Wallis White Yacht Charters, who advises clients and answers these questions daily. The points to consider when organizing a yacht charter are much the same …

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