Snaps, Zippers and More Are No Match for New Pocket Tool

Snap Tool Multi-Key

What’s the best tool to grab when fingers are cold and wet, and a zipper won’t function? Better than a Swiss multifunction knife, Davis Instruments’ Snap Tool Multi-Key is a deck plate key with an attitude. It’s packed with features that anyone venturing outdoors will want on hand—or in a pocket.

Its button snapper and unsnapper are perfect for shrunken canvas or corroded snaps. The zipper puller tames even the stiffest and stickiest of zippers, and is perfect for when the pull tab is missing.

This palm-sized toolbox has 5/16, 3/8, 7/16 and 1/2in hex wrench sockets, a scraper and a sharp, recessed cutting blade for line and cord. It has a slotted screwdriver and is the world’s only deck key with a Phillips head.

The Snap Tool Multi-Key fits most deck caps—old and new. Its shackle tool works on galvanized and stainless shackle pins, and is rugged enough to unscrew even corroded ones. And because it was designed by outdoorsmen to be handy in any setting, it has a lanyard hole and bottle opener.

Thicker and stronger than other similar tools, the patent-pending Snap Tool Multi-Key’s plate is manufactured from hardened 304 stainless steel, so it won’t corrode or break. It measures 2.75in W x 4.48in L, and weighs a mere 2.8oz.

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