Skylights – Aug 06

The Perseid shower peaks on the 12 th after midnight with some interference of Moonlight. Four other minor showers dab the night sky, so chances are that you will see some meteors every night of the month.

On Tuesday the 22 nd rise early to catch the astounding quadruplet of the waning Moon and Venus in the east with Saturn to the lower right of the Moon close to the upper right of Mercury.

On Saturday the 26 th Venus and Saturn make their closest approach on the early dawn racecourse and form the second closest planet-planet clutch of this year.


Wed. 2 nd: First Quarter
Wed. 9 th: Full
Wed. 16 th: Last Quarter
Wed. 23 rd: New


Wed. 2 nd: Jupiter in evening
Fri. 4 th: Antares in Scorpius in evening
Wed. 16 th: Pleiades star cluster before dawn
Tue. 22 nd: Venus, Saturn and Mercury before dawn
Mon. 28 th: Spica in Virgo in evening
Tue. 29 th: Jupiter in evening


The predawn spectacle of the Moon, Venus, Saturn and Mercury on the 22 nd may be outstanding if the tropical dawn light does not interfere too much. Try for the battle between Venus and Saturn early 26 th and 27 th.


Dusk: Arcturus, Vega, Altair, Antares
Dawn: Sirius, Arcturus, Spica, Capella

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