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seaHEX UAV Drone Names Brownies for Caribbean

seaHEX, LLC is pleased to announce our association with David Carmichael and his unique yacht service company.

The seaHEX waterproof sUAV (drone) was developed for the yacht market and those consumers who have lost their drones to the sea bottom.

“BROWNIE’S is the go to company for yacht Captains and owners when they want to enhance their yacht with the best gear whether underwater or now, in the air, we are delighted that the seaHEX is in the very capable hands of the BROWNIE’S team,” said Jock West, sales and promotion manager of seaHEX.

“With three thriving stores in Florida and countless business relationships and services throughout the Caribbean, we are excited about bringing the seaHEX to our market,” said David Carmichael, President of BROWNIES. Carmichael went on to say, “ We are developing a service center with seaHEX in Florida that will allow seaHEX owners to get factory level service here and custom parts for expedition cruises or offshore fishing.”

The seaHEX is available all inclusive with travel case, plus a waterproof Go Pro and with one axis waterproof gimbal for $8,200*. It is the only hex drone in the world that floats, is retrievable, and can fly stably in 20+ knots of breeze.

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