Saint Lucia Independence Day Clean Up – Youngsters Show the Way

A young volunteer helps clean up Marigot Bay by during St. Lucia’s Independence Day celebrations

Caribbean SEA’s Marigot Youth Club, Nature Force, showed their national pride for Independence Day by cleaning up their local beach in March. Early in the morning, while most people were still asleep or packing picnics for a beach day, the youngsters were out in the mangroves and on the beach cleaning up trash that others so carelessly discarded.

After filling many bags of trash the youngsters were joined by visiting Caribbean SEA Executive Director, Mary Beth Sutton. Speaking to Ms Sutton, one hardworking trash gatherer said: “If Marigot is one of the most famous places in St Lucia, like the Pitons, why does nobody help us keep it clean?”

This is the question that Marigot residents have been asking for many years. Many adults seem to have given up hope, but not the children!

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