Jr Dinghy Sailing has returned to Woburn Grenada

Junior Dinghy Sailing has returned to Woburn and 18 children from the village took part in a week’s sailing program this summer. The ‘Woburn Wind Warriors’ are based at Petite Calivigny Marina in Benji Bay at the Eastern end of …

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Mushrooms Are Tattletales

I am fascinated by the process of teaching, mostly (probably) because I’m no good at it. I embody that phrase we all know: “Those who can’t teach do; those who can’t do teach.” I am a do-er, not a teacher. …

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Down to 146 Meters with One Breath!

The free diver’s companion in this category is a weighted sled that helps speed up their decent great depth. Picture shows Coste during a training session. Picture courtesy of underwater photographer Casper Douma

The International Association for Development of Apnea (AIDA) judge in yellow shirt holds up his two hands: eight minutes to go. Boats are circling the platform next to which Carlos Coste will attempt to break the world record freediving in …

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World’s Fastest Cruising Catamaran Launched in STX

An artist’s impression of Fujin catamaran under sail

It didn’t happen in South Africa, Great Britain, China or even Australia, all countries known for constructing cutting-edge catamarans. Instead, likely the world’s fastest cruising catamaran – with the potential to hit 30 knots – was built in the Caribbean, specifically …

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Introducing Nina by Heesen Yachts

Heesen's new 38m Nina

Nina is a new and exciting 38-meter design from Heesen Yachts, built on the proven semi-displacement hull form. Both the exterior and interior are designed by Hot Lab, a young team of Milan-based designers. Sporty and dynamic, the aluminum hull can …

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It’s The Science

  This summer I was fortunate enough to cruise aboard the boat Turkish Delight with award-winning chef Elizabeth Lee. Elizabeth’s famous froths, gelatins, and globules are the result of years of testing, tasting, and technical investigation. Working like a scientist, …

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A Seaweed Problem

Sargassum rolls ashore on a beach in St. Maarten. Photo: OceanMedia

It’s an invasion. Throughout the year, countless Caribbean beaches and bays have turned reddish brown as the air has become thick with the odor of rotting eggs. From the sky, it is evident there is no relief in sight as …

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Top Shelf vs. Bottom Shelf Rum

  When it comes to purchasing a mixing rum we typically go bottom shelf, reserving our cash for the finer sipping rums. That philosophy recently got us thinking. Is a more expensive, top shelf rum worth the extra money and …

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Sailing With Charlie: Yacht Chartering Trends

Graphics by Hannah Welch

Trends are changing in the yacht chartering industry. Every time Charlie captains a charter or does an instructional cruise one of his responsibilities is to make sure the crew/guests are fully aware of how to operate all the systems. Toilet …

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Domino Effect in the Caribbean

Sailing through the Caribbean, one quickly realizes the wide range of similarities between the islands. Their history overlaps starting with the Arawak and the Carib, then European colonization, and slavery. The food is always well-seasoned, often spicy, served with local …

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PCYC Round Grenada Regatta: Going the Distance

Downwind start for the fleet as they leave Carriacou. Photo: Connie Martin

Petite Calivigny Yacht Club’s first Round Grenada Regatta, with layover in Tyrell Bay, Carriacou, was a resounding success, despite Hurricane Danny threatening up until the day before. Nine monohulls and three catamarans comprised a very respectable fleet for this new …

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Everglades Boats Reveals 360LXC at FLIBS

Everglades Boats announces 360LXC -- the most luxurious way to spend a weekend

Everglades Boats announces 360LXC — the most luxurious way to spend a weekend Everglades Boats is excited to announce the release of another industry-driving model at this year’s Fort Lauderdale Boat Show: the 360LXC. Maintaining their irrefutable reputation for innovation …

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Salty Dawg Cruising Rally and Atlantic Odysseys

Dawgs at Hog Heaven - Virgin Gorda BVI

As the well-established Salty Dawg Rally that goes from the US East Coast to the Bahamas and the Caribbean, continues to attract experienced offshore sailors, over in England three new transatlantic rallies, Odyssey I, Odyssey II, and the Barbados 50, …

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