Guests Aboard

Guests Aboard

For those of us who have been on board for years, an excited voice on Skype or an animated e-mail suggesting a visit sometimes brings fear and trembling. To be fair, it’s mostly our fault because we’ve been out so …

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Why Diving on Scuba is Better Than Snorkeling


My wife Barbara and I have been cruising the Caribbean since January 2007. We have noticed that most of our cruising friends not only enjoy the sights and experiences that can be found above the sea, but also those under …

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Groeneveld Beat Roble to Win Carlos Aguilar Match Race

The Dutch sailors defeated the USA’s Stephanie Roble’s Epic Racing 3 – 0 in the thrilling final of the Carlos Aguilar Match Race (CAMR)

Olympic match racing star Renée Groeneveld and her Dutch team of Annemieke Bes, Lobke Berkhout and Mijke Lievens, won their first-ever Women’s International Match Racing Series (WIM) event. The Dutch sailors defeated the USA’s Stephanie Roble’s Epic Racing 3 – …

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Ten Top Caribbean Seafood Dishes

Caribbean Seafood Dishes

Search out schnitzel in Austria, foie gras in France and mole-sauced meats in Mexico. In the Caribbean, it’s conch and other seafood dishes that are a must as menu selections. Here are the favorite ten top Caribbean Seafood Dishes to …

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Peterson Fuel Delivery Celebrates 20 Years

What started as one man’s vision to become the best fuel delivery service to vessels of all types is today just that as Peterson Fuel Delivery celebrates its 20th anniversary. The Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based company, recognized by its yellow fuel …

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Eleuthera Bound


As we continue exploring the Bahamas, we find ourselves at Harbor Island in the northeast part of Eleuthera. This is one of those well known laid back vacation spots, due to the wonderful beach, where there are specks of red …

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3D Coral Printing Comes to Caribbean

3D Coral Printing

Technology is coming to the rescue of coral reefs worldwide. 3D coral printing, or constructing a three-dimensional object under computer control, is a revolutionary technique that can help rebuild reefs in a whole new way. This process, first used in …

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Review: 12-Year Old El Dorado Rum from Guyana

El Dorado Rum

                The beautiful red box with a square-rigger on the front drew our attention. El Dorado Rum is a 12-year old rum from Guyana on South America’s coast. Not having much information about the …

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Riding in An Ocean-Going Pink Cadillac, NautiLimo

The pink Cadillac looks like it made a wrong turn from the Florida Keys Overseas Highway and ended up in the ocean. Yet, it glides serenely along on the flat-calm waters of Florida Bay. Visitors at the oceanfront Lorelei Restaurant …

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Robotic Boats Become a Reality

robotic boats

Captain-less boats? It may not be a far-fetched idea, especially in an age where self-driving cars make headline news. In fact, the innovation of self-driving, drone, robotic boats or yachts is the subject of intense research spanning everything from cutting-edge …

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U.S. Senate Passage of Outdoor REC Act Positive for Florida

Outdoor REC Act

Sportfishing industry jobs and recreational fishing’s economic impact will now be accounted for as part of the U.S.’s gross domestic product, akin to other industries such as automobiles and pharmaceuticals, thanks to President Barak Obama’s signing the Outdoor Recreation Jobs …

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New EasyView 5 Waterproof System Monitor

EasyView 5 Waterproof System Monitor

  Dutch-based Mastervolt launches the EasyView 5 Waterproof System Monitor, a slim display especially designed to be used on an open console or a flybridge. The color touch screen has a multi-language menu, and can be easily customized to show …

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FCI Watermakers Demystifies Reverse Osmosis


Understanding the simple mechanics behind reverse osmosis (RO) helps boat owners understand how watermakers work and why they’re not as complicated as many have been led to believe. FCI Watermakers provides an overview to demystify RO and watermakers. Simply put, …

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