NV Charts Releases Updated Chart Sets for 2016/17

NV Charts announces the release of their newly updated chart sets for Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean for 2016/17 in paper and digital format. In addition to being updated, the new NV.Atlas format brings a modern, handy design to the charts that’s practical and easy to use. The chart set includes a download of digital charts, including free navigation software, plus the free nv charts Mobile App for iOS and Android mobile devices. The App includes free digital updates for this chart set for 2016/17. NV charts are relied on for accuracy and dependability by recreational boaters, professionals mariners, and the US. Coast Guard.

The new chart sets now feature a compact, fold-over format, (unbound ‘booklet’) the NV.Atlas, reducing the physical size of the paper chart set by half (but not the cartography itself) for ease of use on today’s smaller navigation stations and chart tables.

“Since these charts are produced from our own cartographic databases, rather than simply copied from government sources, we have designed them so that no critical elements are in the crease, or fold, where they might lose definition over time from use and wear,” states Hasko Scheidt, CEO.


The set is available in a variety of formats – paper, digital, SD Card devices. They include the following: Passage charts, coastal charts, harbor and anchorage pilot (only Florida, Bahamas and Virgin Islands), GPS charted waypoints and approaches, download of digital charts, including free navigation software, tables and recommended courses, and free nv charts Mobile App for iOS and Android

NV charts products in digital format are also available on SD memory cards for chartplotters including Lowrance, Simrad and B&G chartplotter systems. nvcharts.com

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