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Mini Regattas

The least we can say of the owners of the new radio-controlled Lasers which light up the evenings and weekends around the Marina Bas du Fort is that the passion never ends. For the most part, they are monohull and multihull sailors of many years’ experience, or marine professionals, and get together with this kind of boat in order to organize a new one-design mini-regatta. Currently, there are eight of them, and they are inviting all other enthusiasts to join them, with a dozen ‘aficionados’ in total in their sights.

Easy to use and easy to set up and control, the model boat has three different sails according to the strength of wind. Everything necessary can go in a small back where each piece has its own compartment. Thanks to the radio control unit, one lever allows you to ease out, another to sheet in, and another to go about. This little marvel is made from plastic (from polythene to be exact) and is not afraid of shocks. If you would like to sail without the spray, contact this group at gavin@sales.northsails.com.

Length: 105,4 cm
Width: 33,3 cm
Draft: 40,6 cm

Weight: 4 Kg

Sail area:

Sail A: 0,61 m2
Sail B: 0,46 m2
Sail C: 0,39 m2

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