Match Racing – Saint Francois

In the context of the Route du Rhum, Cap sur Saint Francois, the St Francois Yacht Club (SFYC) organised, on Saturday and Sunday the 18 and 19 of November, two days of match racing on their Sun Fast 37s. Five crews, composed of six people, unleashed themselves on short but numerous courses in a light breeze which strengthened Sunday. After drawing lots, crews on Saturday entered into a qualifying competition in order to reach the semi-finals on Sunday. The semi for third place was shared between Funky Parot andthe female crew on Mamzell to the advantage of the former. The final was between EIB-Marina Bas du Fort and Les Petits Filous. More accustomed to a First Class 10, the crew on EIB-Marina Bas du Fort accomplished a faultless campaign over the two days, not allowing the slightest opportunity to their opponents.

The weekend was characterized by superb weather and good cheer, so much so that the SFYC has decided to repeat this event several times during the year.

Results :

  • EIB-Marina Bas du Fort 
  • Les petits filous 
  • Funky Parot 
  • Mamzell
  • Les bras cassés

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