Light, Strong Exhaust Tube Provides Lasting Durability

For maximum horsepower, performance-oriented boat owners and builders optimize every aspect of their exhaust systems. Top-quality fiberglass tubing from Marine Exhaust Systems provides the gas flow that these vessels need to excel on the water.

Each section of tubing is engineered using multiple layers of hand-laid, biaxial strand fiberglass and encapsulated with an epoxy vinylester resin in a 60:40 ratio. This proportion makes Marine Exhaust Systems’ tubes highly resilient with a strong elasticity and shatter-resistant. Unlike resin-heavy filament-wound varieties, this formula provides a lighter and thinner wall, with the durability needed for maximum clamping strength.

They are fire- and chemical-resistant and have a much higher temperature tolerance—up to 250°F—than polyester tubing. The resin doesn’t absorb water, and the design won’t seep fluid through the tube wall, as is common in filament-wound fabrication.


Exacting diameter tolerances ensure tight mating with other exhaust system elements.

Available in up to 10ft lengths and diameters of 6in–20in, sections come as easily-cut raw materials or as drop-in finished parts from the company’s custom lamination department.

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