10 Days Until the Jamaica International Fishermen’s Day Regatta!

Poster for the Jamaica International Fishermen's Day Regatta

Jamaica Fishermen Co-Operative Union Presents…

International Fishermen’s Day Regatta 2012

“Protecting the Environment for Sustainable Fishing”

Saturday, JUNE 30th!!  Coming up Quick!

Whitehouse, Fishing Beach in Westmoreland

Gates open at 10AM

Got to love a FREE Admission Fishing Tournament in Jamaica!

  • Awesome – They are having a “Most Lion Fish Contest.”  Clean those suckers out of the Caribbean.
  • Largest Pelagic Fish
  • Boat Races
  • Fish Scaling Contest
  • Talent Show…
  • DJ Contest Using this year’s Theme!
  • Of course the perenial Caribbean Music, Swimming, Dominos, Football and Cricket!


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