The Exuma Islands: Fifty Shades of Blue

North anchorage at Warderick Wells. Photography by Rosie Burr
North anchorage at Warderick Wells. Photography by Rosie Burr

The Exuma Cays in the central Bahamas are some of the most beautiful islands you will come across. Not only are their beaches and anchorages picture-perfect but their people are friendly and welcoming. There are over 360 cays and islets that make up this chain covering over 100 miles of boundless blue sea. The islands are low-lying and made up of limestone and not volcanic lava as you might imagine. You will find soft white sand beaches; tall shady palm trees and lofty century plants growing amongst shrubs and cacti. Many plants and trees thrive despite only a thin soil over the limestone rock. But it’s the water stretching for miles in its sublime aquamarines and shades of pastel blues that evoke feelings of awe.

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