Secure Chafe Guards

Dock Lines Protected from Wear with Secure Chafe Guards

Not only are dock lines expensive, but they’re the only things that hold a valuable boat in place while in a slip, at anchor or on a mooring. Even on a calm day, vessels will gently sway back and forth, causing constant friction to create often unseen damage to cordage. Secure Chafe Guards from Davis Instruments protect braided and three-strand rope from wear, and now come in black or white.

Easily installed and removed, Secure Chafe Guards feature Velcro hook fasteners along the entire interior to grip the line and allow them to be adjusted to adapt to changing conditions. Covered in rugged, UV-stabilized nylon webbing for superior abrasion resistance, they fit line from 3/8in to 1in. At 16” long, they’re perfect for use on cleats, chocks, hawseholes, anchor rollers, crossing lines or anywhere abrasion may occur.

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