Deck Plate Bags Create Secret Storage

The most secure spot on a boat is the space that a thief doesn’t know exists. Stow-Away Deck Plates with Bags from Beckson Marine provide hidden storage under a watertight deck plate, whether for concealing small valuables or in which to keep items handy and accessible.

Beckson Marine Stow-Away Deck Plates with Bags come complete with a 4, 6 or 8in deck plate. An included removable 12in nylon bag drops inside the deck plate opening, held in place by an interior rigid ring. It’s ideal for securing small valuables like watches, wallets, jewelry or electronics. The deck plates are fully watertight to ABYC H-3 and H-4 standards, as well as international standards ISO 11812 and ISO 12216. They also carry NEMA 250 6P Submergence certification.

The nylon storage bag has a drawstring, convenient for carrying small items between the boat and shore. Beckson’s 6in deck plate model can be ordered with a 24in long bag, which is great for stowing a fender. Available with a choice of white, black and beige deck plates. The company also offers 12in Drawstring Bag Kits to retrofit to existing Beckson Marine or other compatible deck plates.

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