Curacao Marine NEW Distributor for Velox Plus Antifouling Paint

Curacao Marine announces that they are now the Caribbean distributor for Velox Plus propeller paint.

Well known by yacht owners worldwide, Velox Plus is an antifouling paint specifically designed to be used on underwater metal.

Previously unavailable in the Caribbean, Italian based Marlin yacht paints have appointed Curacao Marine as the Caribbean distributor for this product.

Growth on propellers is a common problem for yacht owners. While hull coatings have been designed to limit growth on the hull itself, the underwater fittings and propellers have been exposed to marine growth, increasing drag, increasing fuel burn and potentially reducing engine life due to increased loading by a fouled propeller.

Other products in the market have been designed to protect propellers from fouling, but Velox Plus is designed to be used on propellers, shafts, struts, rudders, trim tabs, and through hull fittings. Velox Plus dries to a hard finish, with excellent adhesion properties, and is designed to not promote galvanic corrosion.

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