Cruising Championship 4th Stage – Figueres Services Wakes Up!

The 4th stage of the cruising championship, organized by the Club Nautique Neptune du Lamentin, took place on February 10, 2007. Racing and Racing Cruising classes were present, with a good ‘Surprise’ class comprising six boats, which colored action on the water with its battles.

The weather was calm, and boats had to make do with five to 10 knots of wind and flat seas. Reading the wind was often complicated and placings were regularly overturned following a shift and some tactical errors. In the Racing Class, Filmax paid the price for a spinnaker that was too small and Eric Baray’s Zwell Well was handicapped by having a scratch crew. ASCE DDE started well but slipped back into third, leaving Figueres Services the chance to win the stage with four minutes to spare.

In Racing Cruising 2, after a good start, and despite some oath-peppered, hazardous crosses, the new surprise Clippers Ship started to dominate, tailed by Restaurant Le Phare, with no boat willing to be left behind. After the two downwind legs, despite a good comeback, Wind let 2nd place slip away in favor of GFA Caraibes who had come from afar. This was the order until the end, with the various competitors settling into positions under changing winds, which then weakened for the second half of the course.


Racing :


Racing Cruising 2:

  2. GFA Caraïbes
  3. WIND

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