Free Charters: No Experience Necessary!

Cap'n Fatty Goodlander: Free Charters: No Experience Necessary

My wife and I live a life of splendid isolation aboard our 43-foot ketch Ganesh—a cruising life so wonderful I totally forgot how awful penny-pinching dirt dwellers can be. Stupidly, I invited an old acquaintance, Tony Chutzpah of Fort Liquordale, …

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Our Kook’s Tour of Guna Yala

Our island neighbor in East Lemmon Cays. Photo by Barbara Hart

A ‘Cook’s Tour’ is a ‘guided but cursory tour of the major features of a place or area’. It’s named after Thomas Cook, founder of the British travel agency that bears his name, and a fervent member of the temperance league. …

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Top Five Places to Stand Up Paddle in the World

Credit: Paddling in Antibes

There’s a new craze sweeping the world’s oceans: stand up paddleboarding, an activity which is fast becoming one of the most popular sports across the globe. From New Zealand’s Bay of Islands to the lakes and river of Whistler, in …

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Caribbean vs Pacific Sailing

A Pacific atoll? No, the Turks and Caicos. Photos by Gayle Suhich

From what I have observed, Caribbean sailors have no idea how lucky they are. The Caribbean Sea, which measures roughly 1400 miles long by 450 miles wide offers some of the most diverse and interesting cruising grounds on earth. But …

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Who can You TRUST for Yacht Crew Training?

Deck crew keep superyachts in Bristol condition. Photo credit is: Suki@YachtingToday.TV

There was a time, in the not too distant past, when becoming proficient at one’s job meant getting as much on-the-job training as possible to advance up the career ladder. Working as professional yacht crew was no different. During the …

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A Novel Approach to Earning Under Sail

Solitude – Ganesh anchored in St Vincent Bay, New Caledonia

For 35 years I’ve written a Caribbean boating column that chronicles how utterly and pathetically stupid I am. And, despite all logic and commonsense, I’m not about to stop now. I’m just getting good at it. I’m totally focused. No …

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On Cyclones, Sheep Herders, and Worse

Charlie of Dockland 5, a true friend to the cruising yachtsmen of NZ

I’m a bit hurricane shy, as befits a sailor who has twice swum away from vessels in 100+ knots of circular breeze. Call me a storm-coward—I am cool with that. Just the phrase ‘tropical hurricane’ makes me pee my pants. …

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Cruising is The Spice of Life

Graphics by Hannah Welch

There is nothing quite as exciting as cruising the world’s little known destinations; it adds spice to the cruising life. Back in the 1980s when Charlie was cruising the world, he sailed to the remote regions of the Solomon Islands …

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On Offshore Lumber Yards

“For gosh sakes,” Carolyn said in disgust, “that’s enough wood to brace ten water tanks!” “You think?” I asked idly. I waved the tip of my tape measure over the project as if it were a magic wand. “Just a …

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Taylor Canfield Wins Prestigious Crimson Blazer

Taylor recognizes ‘his biggest supporter’ – dad Bill Canfield

CRIMSON FOR CANFIELD – USVI native Taylor Canfield bolstered his dominance in the world of match racing, by winning the season opener in April: the coveted Crimson Blazer – icon of the prestigious Congressional Cup [CC] which is hosted by …

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Anchoring a Boat: The Ultimate Guide

Ganesh’s Rocna anchor fits like a glove

If you don’t know how to safely anchor your vessel for the conditions expected, you should not leave the dock. Anchoring is the bedrock skill of the cruising sailor. Anchoring is, at its core, extremely simple. However, perfecting your technique …

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Hobie, Shaping a Culture

Hobie with his children Hobie, Jr. left, Paula and Jeff against a backdrop of Hobie 16s. Photo Courtesy of the Alter family

Think surfing. Think skateboarding. Think sport-specific clothing. Think catamarans. Think glider planes. Think sailboats. Think kayaks. Think Hobie. Hobart Alter, the iconic legend recognized around the globe simply as Hobie, died at his Palm Desert, Calif. home March 29 at …

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Cabo San Lucas – Super Sports Fishing & Much More

IGY's Marina Cabo San Lucas.

Many destinations claim to be the ‘Sports Fishing Capitol of the World’. Cabo San Lucas is the real deal. What’s more, this picturesque Mexican city located at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula offers something for everyone whether …

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Spotlight Yacht Anchorages in Indonesia

Yacht docked in Indonesia

Terrific Tips for Superyacht Stays in Bali & Indonesia 22 January 2014 By: Richard Lofthouse, Captain Jimmy Blee & Linda Cartlidge “As with most things in Indonesia, where there is yin there must be yang”, notes Richard Lofthouse and Captain …

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Caribbean Characters, Pacific-Style

For some strange reason, a tremendous number of Caribbean sailors are currently hanging out in Vava’U, Tonga. I have no idea why. Perhaps their mooring pennants rotted, they drifted through the Panama Canal in a daze, and are just now …

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Doing the Hemi Hop in the Southern Hemisphere

Carolyn and Fatty in Sydney, Australia 2001

Once again, we are in the Southern Hemisphere—this isn’t so bad, except for having to stand on your head all day. And the fact that everything is back-asswards. For instance, the south wind is cold and the north wind is …

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Las Perlas: Unspoiled Nature Near Panama City

Pitufa anchored off Isla Canas. Photo by Birgit Hackl

Only 35 nautical miles from Panama City the archipelago of the Las Perlas lies in the Pacific. Despite their proximity to the metropolis the 15 islands and countless islets are a relatively untouched wilderness. Only Contadora has regular air and …

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Me and Papeete – Views on Wonderful Tahiti

Each evening, my wife Carolyn and I stroll the streets of Papeete in search of adventure. We almost always find it. Tahiti is an enthralling isle, the only place on our planet where so many sailors jump ship that you …

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