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Sailing with Charlie: Water Toys

Graphics by Anouk Sylvestre

It certainly is a changing world. Charlie remembers, as if it were yesterday, his first water toy. It was a rubber duck in the bathtub, used as an enticement to get him into the hated weekly washing regimen in England’s …

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DOT-Required Drug Testing is Now Paperless

required drug testing

Marine employers and Coast Guard credentialed individuals that have the need for required drug testing by U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) can now do so in a paperless format. “The new eCCF (electronic Custody and Control Form) for DOT drug …

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Sailing With Charlie: Referendum

Graphics by Anouk Sylvestre

Happy New Year, Everyone! Hope people have now got over the cataclysmic shift in the world’s political landscape during the latter months of the old year. Brexit and Trump certainly stole the limelight with their isolationist policies. The whole scenario, …

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Sailing with Charlie: The Renaissance Man

Graphics by Anouk Sylvestre

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This meaningless question is often asked by adults of five year olds at family gatherings with a comical response expected, or at least a response that would lead to further …

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Caribbean Chartering – Ten Hot Topics

Caribbean Charters

What’s hot when it comes to the Caribbean’s charter industry? All At Sea asked over half-a-dozen companies from South Florida to Grenada to share their thoughts on ten topics. 1. Everyone Charters – Seriously “The most exciting trend to me …

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On Charter in Antigua: The Log of Blue Voyage

charter Antigua

  Monday 1015 hours. Nelson’s Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua. “Winds perfect, fifteen knots,” Sunsail staffer Chris Donahue says at the skipper briefing, held in a two-centuries-old building. Blue Voyage, a Sunsail Jenneau 41, is just as perfect as the winds. …

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The Barnard’s of Barefoot Yacht Charters

Barefoot Yacht Charters

The Caribbean’s charter yacht industry certainly boasts iconic pioneers such as Commander V.E.B. Nicholson in Antigua, of Nicholson Yacht Charters fame, and Charlie and Ginny Cary, who founded The Moorings in the British Virgin Islands. Equally among these pioneers is …

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Top Destinations in the Northern Abacos

destinations northern abacos

Last issue we were waiting on the Rage to sail through the Whale Cay Cut in order to enter the central part of the Abacos. Because a majority of the boats stay in this area it is known as the …

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Top Destinations in the Northern Abacos, Part 1

Northern Abacos Part 1 : Photo by Captain Shane, SV Guiding Light

When you cruise the Abacos you are mostly visiting the chain of barrier islands to the east of Great Abacos Island and we are going to start this article at the northernmost island, Walker’s Cay. Up until recently this island …

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Six Reasons to Charter the Caribbean in the Summer

Charter Caribbean: Xenia catamarans. Photo courtesy of Regency Yacht Vacations

The Caribbean is one of the best-kept secrets in terms of charter destinations come the summer. That’s because while many folks head to perennially favorite spots like the Mediterranean or New England, there are unique advantages to chartering in the …

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Mushrooms Are Tattletales

I am fascinated by the process of teaching, mostly (probably) because I’m no good at it. I embody that phrase we all know: “Those who can’t teach do; those who can’t do teach.” I am a do-er, not a teacher. …

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Sailing With Charlie: Yacht Chartering Trends

Graphics by Hannah Welch

Trends are changing in the yacht chartering industry. Every time Charlie captains a charter or does an instructional cruise one of his responsibilities is to make sure the crew/guests are fully aware of how to operate all the systems. Toilet …

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