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St. John, US Virgin Islands

Destination: Coral Bay, Saint John

Looking down on Coral Bay and the harbor from atop a nearby hill. Photography by Dean Barnes

If your idea of paradise is a laidback destination where boats likely outnumber cars, street signs signaling a dip in the road are irreverently scribbled with ‘clam’ or ‘crab’, and formal attire means dressing up in flip flops and a ... Read More »

Chilling Out With Alvah Simon

Alvah and Diana Simon and their cat ‘Halifax of the Arctic’ aboard their boat, Roger Henry, in Micronesia.

Okay, so I’m a weather-wimp. I whine and complain if the temperature falls below, say, 78 degrees. I’m not ashamed to admit this. My wife Carolyn is a weather-wimp too. We’ve even received scientific reinforcement: a doctor in the Virgins ... Read More »

July Open Billfish Tournament

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Capt. Johnny Harms is credited with ‘discovering’ the magnificent blue marlin fishery in the Virgin Islands. That was back in the 1950s when Laurence Rockefeller brought Harms down to explore the possibility of big game charter fishing for Rockefeller’s guests ... Read More »

Old Sailors Never Die

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In the USVI, octogenarian Augie Hollen is a legendary boat builder. So it was with great interest and anticipation that I learned of the launching of his latest creation, Skedaddle. Read More »