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SCUBA Diving Belize

Belize was considered by many divers to be a Western Hemisphere water paradise decades before it became the oh-so-trendy destination it is today. Exceptional diving is plentiful from end-to-end of the 190-mile-long (300km) Belize Barrier Reef, which extends from the ...

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Costeaus Blue Hole A Famous Dive

Straight out of a scene from science fiction, our dive boat skirts the edge of a perfect circle of deep blue. Just below, a cylindrical cavity in the reef reaching to a depth of over 400 feet, known as the ...

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Touring and Sailing in Belize

Twenty-seven of us took flight from Baltimore Washington International Airport to explore the beautiful nation of Belize. The thought of a one-way charter along the second longest barrier reef in the world had captured our attention and we were not ...

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