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Top Coat Series Part 5 – Top of the Line Top Coat Paint

Want to know the secret to getting the ultimate topcoat finish?

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Topcoat Series Part 4 – Caring for your Top Coat

Now that you've got a new top-coat paint job, what's the best way to make that shine last?

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Topcoat Series Part 3 – How do you Know which Paint is Right for Your Boat

With all the different options out there, how do know what paint is right for your boat?

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Ways you can Recognize Paint Deterioration and How to Get a Head Start on Prep Work

Examine some ways you can recognize paint deterioration and how you can get a head start on prep work, whether you do the work yourself or if you ultimately decide to have a qualified yard do the actual painting

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What is the Difference Between Topcoat and Gelcoat

Advances in paint technology, along with some good common sense, can bring a good-looking layer of solid protection to your topside, but there may be no tougher paint job out there than the one on the deck of your boat.

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