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Julian Putley is the author of ‘The Drinking Man’s Guide to the BVI’, ‘Sunfun Calypso’, and ‘Sunfun Gospel’.

Produce From Farm to Boat

Farmer Drake with baskets of produce. Photo by Julian Putley

People are becoming more and more selective when it comes to food. An abundance of the food we eat in the Caribbean comes from the United States where ever increasing amounts of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are introduced into food ... Read More »

Sailing with Charlie: Parties 101

Graphics by Hannah Welch

Happy New Year, everyone! Phew, that was quite a party, wasn’t it? The hangover hasn’t really gone away entirely and it’s January 2nd. Actually I’m just surmising … I’m writing this in November and telepathically moving forward to January, which ... Read More »

Sailing with Charlie: Santa’s Sleigh

Graphics by Hannah Welch

The festive season in the Caribbean is uniquely special. First, it’s warm and sunny; sailboats are everywhere and instead of wrapping up against the cold, girls are donning bikinis and jumping into warm, turquoise water. But wherever you are (except ... Read More »

Sailing with Charlie: Boat Show

Graphics by Hannah Welch

It’s approaching the season and charter yachts are busy preparing for the ‘boat shows’ where market specialists and yacht vacation brokers walk the docks examining the many craft available for charter. Yacht vacations taken by the well-heeled are becoming more ... Read More »

Sailing with Charlie: The Help

Graphics by Hannah Welch

Charlie’s boat was in the yard for annual maintenance and this time he’d planned a major overhaul. He’d be pulling all the through hulls for maintenance and replacement if necessary. The prop shaft would be removed for inspection and the ... Read More »

Sailing With Charlie: Help!

Graphics by Hannah Welch

Emergency procedures are not to be taken lightly when venturing out onto the ocean. There are all kinds of devices that can be employed in the event of a serious catastrophe. Charlie commonly teaches the ASA 104 Bareboat course and ... Read More »

Cruising is The Spice of Life

Graphics by Hannah Welch

There is nothing quite as exciting as cruising the world’s little known destinations; it adds spice to the cruising life. Back in the 1980s when Charlie was cruising the world, he sailed to the remote regions of the Solomon Islands ... Read More »

Plimsoll Line and Coffin Ships

Graphics by Hannah Welch

A coffin ship was the name given to a ship that was so poorly maintained that it had only a slim chance of making its destination. These ships were very prevalent in the latter 19th century when emigrants from Ireland ... Read More »

Sailing With Charlie: Rail Meat

Graphics by Hannah Welch

The regatta season is here and in full swing. Shiny racing machines line the docks, the bars are full of crews, ranging from lusty deck apes, trim young men and women, hot babes and suavely attired owners. Charlie’s friend Bruce ... Read More »

If the boat is happy, the crew is happy

Graphics by Hannah Welch

Safety is always a concern for those venturing out onto the world’s oceans. On yachts there are mandatory safety requirements, which include fire extinguishers, flares, running lights, sound making devices and PFDs. The adequacy of the list is questionable; a ... Read More »

Sailing with Charlie: Launchings

Graphics by Hannah Welch

Ship/Yacht/Boat launchings are such fun. A launching is the birthing of a yacht that months or years before was a mere concept. After much work, trial and tribulation a vessel is born; it is a time for celebration. In big ... Read More »

Sailing With Charlie: Wines

Graphics by hannah welch

Charlie loves wine. Ever since he got a touch of gout he slowed down on his beer drinking and took to wine. The French and Italians loved him more, the Germans and Brits made fun of him and the Americans ... Read More »

Sailing with Charlie: Perfection

Graphics by Hannah Welch

It’s a funny thing about absolutes but people are always trying to quantify them. I mean if something is perfect, that should be it. But, of course, nothing in life is. The word is an enigma. ‘Almost perfect’ shouldn’t exist. ... Read More »

The Legendary Tony Snell

The Legendary Tony Snell

Hero and entertainer, Anthony Noel ‘Tony’ Snell, who has died aged 91, was the owner and star performer at the Last Resort on Bellamy Cay in the BVI, a ‘must stop’ on the charter boat circuit. Coming of age in ... Read More »