Female Green Honeycreeper. Photos by Charles (Chuck) Shipley
Female Green Honeycreeper. Photos by Charles (Chuck) Shipley

Asa Wright Nature Centre: The Beautiful World of Caribbean Birds

Located south of latitude 10.5N, Trinidad has long been a favorite destination for cruisers wishing to hide below the hurricane zone. In addition to an excellent infrastructure for storing and repairing vessels, the island features a diverse and interesting set of activities for the entertainment of crewmembers weary of boat maintenance chores.

One of our favorite diversions is to visit perhaps the best ecotourism destination in all of the Caribbean, the Asa Wright Nature Centre.

Located at 1200 feet in the mountains of the Northern Range, some seven miles north of the town Arima, the main facilities of the nearly 1500-acre preserve are on a former cocoa-coffee-citrus plantation previously known as Spring Hill Estate. Guided walks with professional naturalists are available for both day visitors and those who are staying in the Centre’s lodging on more extended visits. There are a number of trails through the rain forest as well as paths that take one past a spectacular array of blooming plants. But truth be told, most visitors spend most of their time observing from the commodious veranda of the Centre, from which can be seen many of the over 159 species of birds that have been sighted on the Centre’s grounds. Here are a few pictures I took on our last visit.

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