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Around Guadeloupe for Cruisers Race

On the 17 March and 25/26 April, the marinas of Saint Francois and Pointe a Pitre, Guadeloupe, welcomed an unusual spectacle…sponsored by local restaurateurs, Delphine and Franck presented a free demonstration called ‘Entre Ile et aile’. This 50-minute spectacle took place on a sailboat and was a choreographed aerial and acrobatic circus mix, coupled with theater and dance.

This poetic duo started out from theatrical roots for Delphine and a grounding of experience in the circus for Franck. The idea was to find a boat to link the spectacle with sailing. In 1999, they founded the ‘La Loupiote’ company, and in 2000 bought a boat of the same name. After four years of work, they are ready to begin their adventure. They have already crossed several seas, towns and countries: Portugal and La Rochelle in 2005, France in 2006 and then summer in Spain, Morocco and the Canaries.

In 2007, they crossed the Atlantic in order to present their show, which blows you away with its originality and freshness. After a few trips to St Martin, Guadeloupe and Martinique, Delphine and Franck will head back out to sea to cover the east coast of Canada. Good luck and see you soon…

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