Aquaplanet – Environmental Protection and Guadeloupe’s Triskell Cup

Aquaplanet is a sporting association concerned with the environment based in Gosier ( Guadeloupe). Looking at evidence of global warming and attempts at biodiversity, Aquaplanet decided to form a partnership with the Triskell Association in order to lead various activities to develop the idea of “Environmental Regattas’ during the Triskell Cup. The sixth edition of the Cup takes place 3-5 November off the coast of Gosier, before the arrival of the Route du Rhum.

Aquaplanet has proposed putting in place different methods of communication:

1. Limiting the environmental impact of such an event by putting in place selective separation of glass, plastic and metal, at sea as on land—because the Triskell Cup is, after all, a sea festival during the day and a land festival at night.

2. Organising the signature of an ‘ecomarine’ charter (translated into English) for competitors and various players within the Caribbean marine sector.

3. Educating the public on the urgency of respecting and protecting the planet through learning simple and effective habits.

4. Welcoming associations that protect the environment.

The balance of the planet is fragile. The land and sea that we leave for our children depend directly on our attitudes today. By preserving our environment, we preserve our wellbeing.

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