2nd edition of A Yachtsman’s Guide to Trinidad released

Trinidad guide plus directory now available at Epub bookstores

Free Cruising Guides is pleased to announce the release of the 2nd edition of A Yachtsman’s Guide to Trinidad + Directory by Frank Virgintino. The new edition now includes a directory of vendors in the vicinity of Chaguaramus of importance to cruisers, from boatyards and marine equipment dealers to restaurants and onshore accommodations. Vendors are indexed alphabetically and by product for the convenience of readers.

The purpose of the guide is not to describe how to cruise through Trinidad, but rather, how to optimize what is available in Trinidad in terms of storage and repair facilities for cruisers. The addition of a directory boosts the usefulness of the guide significantly.

A Yachtsman’s Guide to Trinidad + Directory is available as a free downloadable PDF at www.freecruisingguides.com , and now as an Epub at Amazon for Kindle and all other EPub bookstores.

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